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Hi!  I'm Mike, the owner, and I'm  here to give you my opinion on some different carpets out there (including my thoughts on the carpet in my personal home).  There are a lot of options out there for when shopping for carpet.  The most important thing is understanding what you're buying.  There are only a few major factors when buying carpet.  We help to educate our customers in order to balance these factors is.  Our goal is to put the best possible carpet in your house for  to put the best possible carpet in your home that we can with your factors in mind. 

The the most important factor when buying carpet is fiber.  The 3 main fibers out there are nylon, polyester (PET), and Smartstrand. 

I currently have different carpets in my house and numerous others which I base my opinions on.  Below is the list of carpet I have in my house and what I think of them:

1.  Office (Indulgence):  My office is right off my front door and is one of the highest traffic areas in my home.  I track in all sorts of snow, rain, and dirt.  This carpet has performed AWESOME.  It is very short and dense which is perfect for the room.

2.  Living Room (PET):  My living room is home to our family and friends.  There is one main walkway into the room and I can safely say I'll never put in another Polyester unless it's the right situation.  The carpet is an upper end polyester with a face weight of 70 oz and was top of the line 3 years ago.  It has performed horribly and I will not put another polyester carpet in my home unless I'm testing it.

3.  Basement (Smartstrand):  My basement and stairs are covered by the Smartstrand Ultra carpet.  I prefer the Ultra to the Silk because I feel like the Silk gives up too much durability because of being too soft.  Overall, I'm happy with the carpet but feel like it's not going to wear super great (nothing compared to the Indulgence).  After about 2 years it's looking pretty good but have a feeling I'll start seeing some wear areas within 5 to 7 years.  Overall, I think this carpet will last 10 + years but wish I would have put the Indulgence or Dixie Home's Stainmaster Truesoft in.

Indulgence Bliss by Beaulieu

Indulgence by Bliss is a solution dyed type 6 nylon manufactured by Beaulieu.  This carpet is just a notch below Dixie Home Stainmaster products.  It is soft, durable, and easy to clean.  The drawback is that there aren't very many styles in the line, but if you can find one you like then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the price tag compared to Stainmaster and Smartstrand lines.


Mohawk has done a great job marketing Smartstrand carpet.  Most people don't understand that this is still considered to be a Polyester carpet by many.  The Federal Trade Commission approved the new fiber classification in 2009 "The new name and definition, for a subclass of fibers made from poly(trimethylene terephthalate) (PTT), has been established within the existing definition of “polyester,” and is named “triexta.” In my opinion it is not on the same level as the nylon fibers, especially type 6,6 nylon.  If you're looking for soft then this is the leader in the industry.  What a lot of people won't tell you is carpet really loses durability when you make it soft.  This isn't a bad carpet but I would look at a TruSoft Stainmaster product before I would buy a Smartstrand product.  When you start spending this much on a carpet then make sure you understand what you're buying.


Dixie Home Carpet

Dixie Home carpet is one of my favorite manufacturers.  They manufacture a lot of their carpet with Stainmaster type 6,6 yarn, which is the strongest and best overall fiber you can buy.  Dixie has a lot of patterns and a great reputation.  It's better to pay a little more and get something that will perform then pay less and be disappointed.


The Soft Shades collection is one of the best carpets you can buy for the money.  Anso type 6 nylon is manufactured by Shaw and is one of the softest nylon carpets on the market today.  This particular Anso line by Shaw isn't quite as soft as some of their others, but it does give you better durability because of the limited softness.  I would say this is plenty soft for most people making it one of the best bargain buys out there.  Shaw recently updated this line with a facelift of colors as well, so if you're looking for a great overall carpet at a very reasonable price point which embodies the colors you see in so many home décor trends then look no further.